Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The latest trend.... a Super King bed, what is it?

As discussed in my first "Welcome" post, my husband and I recently bought a new Super King bed and many of our friends have asked "What is it?" so I thought I would explain this to you.

A Super King bed is the next size up from a King bed and is longer in both length and width. I have found that the measurements of beds and the sizing of bed linen differs from country to country (even New Zealand), so if you think, like I did that you would be able to purchase linen for your bed overseas unfortunately you might have to think again.

Below is a picture of our Super King bed and I have included the measurements in centimetres. 

Our bed has a 10cm pillow top, which is an extra bit of "cushiness" on top of the actual mattress. This brings the overall height of our mattress up from 30cm to 40cm.

We also purchased a matching boxed base with our mattress, also known as an 'ensemble' which provides extra support to our mattress. When choosing between a slatted bed base or boxed base, I think this is personal preference and you should choose whichever is more comfortable for you.

I have also found that a few retailers advertise linen in a "Super King" size however when I read the size guide the linen does not meet the correct measurements. So please be cautious and remember to carefully check the sizing on all linen that you purchase. 

At Super King Australia all of our products come in a standard Super King size to fit your Super King bed. If you have any questions about sizing or linen please feel free to contact me.

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