Saturday, 23 March 2013

Easter Centrepiece

Easter is fast approaching and I have my 2 nieces coming over for Good Friday lunch so I thought I would do this Easter craft with them to get us all in the Easter mood.

Let's start with dyeing the eggs.

Now, I must confess that I did try the conventional way of piercing real eggs, blowing out the yolk and then dying them however the eggs shells were dark in colour and the dye didn't show up very well. So, in passing our local $2 shop I came across these eggs all ready for decorating!

What you will need for this activity is as follows:
  1. Eggs
  2. Egg carton for drying eggs
  3. Food colouring in various colours
  4. Plastic bowls
  5. 1/4 cup hot water per bowl
  6. 1 tsp white vinegar per bowl
  7. Scrap paper or cardboard to lay on bench 
  8. Mugs or tray to arrange your centrepiece on
  9. Shredded paper for decoration (if desired)


Lay the paper/cardboard out onto the bench to protect it. 


Pour 1/4 cup hot water into a plastic bowl and add 1 tsp of vinegar and food colouring. Stir well. I found that 20 drops of food colouring was sufficient. Repeat with remaining colours.


Dip each egg into the dye holding it on different angles to get varied effects. The eggs I bought have wired hooks at the top of the egg to hold onto however; if yours do not you can use tongs. 


When you are happy with the design on the egg place it in the egg carton to dry. If you have dyed the egg completely you may need to hold the egg to air dry for a few minutes prior to placing it in the egg carton. 


Once the eggs are dry, voila they're now complete. Get a bit creative and arrange with shredded paper on your favourite tray or mug.

This one is my favourite

Would love to hear how yours turn out!

Antoinette xx

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