Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I've got Ellen fever

Like many other Melbournians it was so amazing to see Ellen DeGeneras and Portia de Rossi visit our shores last week. I watch the Ellen show religiously and boogie in my lounge room every time she dances through the crowd in her shows! I find her very humbling and down to earth which sets her apart from many other celebrities. 

I came across Ellen and Portia selling their Beverly Hills home back in 2011 and I thought how fitting to showcase this to you as let's be frank "it's a stunner"!





The residence showcases a lot of wooden textures throughout giving this home a real homely and country feel. I love how each room flows connecting them to each other via their furniture and accessories which also bring in a modern day feel and really liven the place up. The vintage wall print and mauve lounge chairs really take my fancy!

A clever use of windows is used in the outdoor entertaining area "bringing the outside in" which also lets in a lot of natural light. And who could go past the outdoor rug, it really defines this space!

The master bedroom is growing on me as it draws you in aesthetically and has a masculine feel to it however the clever use of natural tones and colours makes it a haven for all.

The natural surroundings showcased in the garden area are yet another one of my favourites as I could imagine myself sitting on a bench gazing at the beautiful views all day long. And the pool what else is there to say! 

Ellen and Portia sold this residence to Ryan Seacreast for a cool $49 million, wowzas!

All photos are via Architectural Digest, click here to read the full article.



  1. Stopping by from Google+.
    I love Ellen so very much from way back when she first started. I have her very first book. :)
    This is such a gorgeous space.
    It's rare to see a house that flows the way this one does with its furniture and home accessories selection.


    1. Hi Khloe,
      Thank you so much for your comment and I totally agree with you that the house flows inside and out.
      They sure do have some style don't they!!

  2. Hey, Antoinette :)

    I am also coming straight from G+ and I must admit I share your Ellen fever. Ever since she first launched her career, she has been one of my favourite celebrities :) As far as her Beverly Hills home is concerned, I can say Ellen never disappoints with her flawless style. The space has great natural flow and Ellen's attention to every detail is more than obvious :)

    Yours sincerely,

    1. Hi Margaret,
      I agree Ellen is one of my favorites too and so down to earth! I think this also transcends into the styles of her properties as I have heard they all flow just like this one!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and thanks also for the share.
      Antoinette :)