Friday, 31 May 2013

How to inject colour into your home using 'Throws'

Throws are slowly becoming a staple in our home as they are so versatile and can be made of a wide range of fabrics, so creating the look you want is simple and easy.

Below are a few of my favourites:

Throws don't always need to be kept to the bedroom or living areas. This one has been placed over the back of this wooden chair to bring warmth into the room and ties in beautifully with this crafting area.

This look can be re-created with this Coral Wind Farm Patterned Throw from
Crane & Canopy

Here is another example of a throw present in an office area. I don't know about you, but I always get cold in my office at home, so being rugged up with a blanket or a throw is a necessity for me.

To re-invest your office I have chosen this Aqua Marle Mohair Throw Rug from St Albans as it's beautiful in colour and texture.

This throw was selected specifically to tie in with the terracotta orange colour found in this African cushion. Don't you think they look amazing together?!

To enable you to match your cushions to a throw, we have a wide range of colours available at Super King Australia. This terracotta Cambridge Throw is from our new range.

Throws on a couch are a lovely way to bring colour and another dimension into a room. This striped black and white throw balances with the grey, black and white cushions on the couch.

The striped black and white throw I have found is the EIVOR Throw from Ikea and it's a bargain!   

Throws in the bedroom can also bring colour into a room that is usually fairly neutral and soothing. I know this one is red however our Sierra quilt cover does have pops of red in it so the red throw does compliment it.

You can find our Sierra Quilt Cover and red Preston Throw at Super King Australia 

This last throw doesn't add any colour however being a neutral tone it is sympathetic to the other fabrics and textures in this living room. Colours such as mustard and burnt orange are able to 'shine'.

To re-create this look I have chosen this off white Irma linen throw from Pure Linen it's just divine!

I would love to hear what your favourite throws of the season are!

antoinette x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pay who? Pay your mate with Paypal

This week I thought I would write a business blog considering computers and the likes of eBay have revolutionised the way we all shop these days and it's all going online.

At Super King Australia we are a small online business and at the moment use PayPal as our main method for our consumers to pay for their goods online. 

Below is an example of how a buyer uses PayPal to pay for goods and services and how a seller receives payment:

Image via

The buyer has a choice whether to set up account with PayPal. If you choose to do so then you are able to transfer monies to anyone else with a PayPal account just by entering their email address (yes it is that simple).

It's also a smart way to shop as you can transfer $5, $10, $50 whatever amount you desire into your account and these are monies you can use instantly.

If you do not set up an account with PayPal the website still lets you pay the Seller via your credit card.

As a Seller, we are not disclosed your private information or bank account details, these are all kept by PayPal as a third party giving you extra security.

As an online shopper myself I am always very cautious when buying goods online as I have had my details stolen and my bank call me in the middle of the night saying they have cancelled all my cards.

This is where PayPal helps in the sense that all your information is secure and you do not need to type your details in and disclose it to the end seller.

I did not know about PayPal until we started the business and now would not buy goods any other way.

If you are unfamiliar with PayPal and would like to read up about it more visit their website

antoinette xo

Friday, 3 May 2013

How to inject colour into the home using 'Art'

Art can be many things in a home for example a picture, painting, a photo arrangement, a clock, a sign, anything really that pleases your senses.

Each and every one of us has different tastes when it comes to art so what might interest one person may not interest another. I have come to realise that art is very personal and should be chosen for a specific spot/wall in your home.

Below are some example's of what can be used as art or you could even say wall hangings: 

I found this Paris Fob Watch Clock in Freedom hanging above a chest of drawers and it made me miss Paris immensely - I have a soft spot for Paris. This clock would also look lovely as a feature hanging in the middle of a wall under a decked alfresco area. I loved the aqua face on it and rustic tendencies.

Landscape Art - This artwork was given to my husband and I by some dear friends for our engagement so it is very sentimental to us. You can never go wrong with black and white which makes me love it even more.

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Kirra Jamison's Art exhibition here in Melbourne at the Sophie Gannon Gallery and fell in love (and when i say fell in love I mean it) with her paintings. They are very modern and contemporary and would fit into any colour scheme in a home. There is something about her brush strokes that are mesmerising and finds me following them with my eyes constantly, I can never get enough! 

These works were also painted by Kirra Jamison however; they have all been framed and displayed together. I love the look of various sized and textured picture frames hung together. This would look perfect as a feature on an entry wall.   

Vintage posters are a real favourite of mine and can be hung up framed or unframed, both look equally grand and it just depends on the look you are trying to achieve. There is something about a 'Bally' poster that screams colour pop (always) and makes you want to display it for the world to see.

This is a real funky way to display books and bits and bobs! I always trip over chairs, so I think this piece would be perfect for me. (giggle).


Art does not always have to be positioned in the centre of a room. This art work has been placed carefully with thought to bring the focus to the right hand side of the room and ties in perfectly with the fabric on this chair.

What are you favourite pieces of art? I would love to hear your comments.

Photos via the following links:

Paris Fob Watch Clock via
Kirra Jamison's paintings via Sophie Gannon Gallery
Photo of Bally Vintage Poster taken by moi.

xo antoinette