Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to inject colour using 'Rugs'

Rugs can be many things, a grand feature in a room, they can compliment other pieces of furniture or even section off a space.

The below rug is of neutral tones and geometric shapes providing a focal point to this bedroom whilst also complimenting the stool and headboard. This room oozes sophistication and calmness, essential for any bedroom.

This rug has been placed strategically between the charcoal couch and the mustard colour arm chair to provide a sense of purpose and a marriage between the two chairs. I think a white back drop is needed with these 2 strong colours.  

Layering of rugs is a big trend at the moment, go on I dare you to try it out :)

These next rugs are not intended to bring any colour into the room unlike the 2 above, however they do bring in an element of texture by layering the cow hide on top of the rectangular rug. They also balance the colours in the room. It's such a pretty space, that I would happily live in.  

This last picture demonstrates that rugs don't always have to be located on the floor. This rug has been hung on a wall to differentiate the soft tones and bring the whole room together. Do you notice the rug to the right and the frilly wool cushion?

All pictures are from my Pinterest boards. 

I would love to hear would to hear your comments and see pictures of rugs you have at your place!

antoinette xo

Sunday, 23 June 2013

What's Your Wake Up Call?

It's Winter in Melbourne at the moment and I am finding it mighty hard to wake up on these chilly mornings. So, I thought I would put together a list of all the things that help me wake up each morning and hope your get a little inspiration from them!


I know this is something we all know but how many of us actually do it? Whilst we were at Eden Health Retreat earlier in the year (You might remember my post on it, if not click here) we did a stretching class at 6am every morning. And yes, whilst it was very hard to wake up, the stretching helped bring my body to life while my brain was still asleep (he he) and also prepared me for the full day ahead.


When work becomes drab and you're just not enjoying it anymore it makes waking up in the morning so much more harder. Find a job that you love and you will find that waking up in the morning does get 'easier'.


This is a great thing to do on a regular basis so that you are 1. Organised and 2. So that in the morning you don't stand in front of your wardrobe pondering what to wear.


Breakfast is fuel for your body and I find that if I don't eat breakfast I get headaches and cannot concentrate. Mix up your breakfasts so that you are not having the same thing every day and get bored of it. Switch it up and rotate between a few of your fav's, mine are eggs, porridge and toast.


Now this is one that I don't lean towards as I love my hot showers however on the other hand my husband switches the water to cold for the last 30 seconds of his shower and it does reinvigorate the body. There are enormous health benefits in having a cold shower such as it improves blood circulation and speeds up your metabolism.


Your body can live without food and water for many days however how long can you live without oxygen? Not long at all. Take a moment to sit in your favourite chair or lie in bed and breath deeply for a few minutes and float away. This will do you wonders!


Water is revitalising and adding some lemon to your water will kick start your metabolism in the morning. And we all know that the faster your metabolism is the faster we burn fat. A big tick for me!


Whether it be to take your dog for a walk or hitting the gym or just to watch the morning news, it makes waking up a hell of a lot easier and you will feel refreshed and not flustered.


I know at the time when the alarm is beeping in your ear and you're hitting the snooze button, a few extra minutes is bliss! But when you wake up don't you say to yourself "Why didn't I get up earlier?"

What's your wake up call?

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antoinette xo

Sunday, 16 June 2013

How to inject colour into your home using 'Cushions'

Cushions are a big luuurrrvvvee of mine at the moment hint, hint to the hubby!

Unlike other accessories for the home, cushions are an affordable alternative that can transform a dull space into one with colour and purpose without putting a huge dent in the hip pocket.

Below are a few of my favourite brands that produce high quality, funky and affordable cushions which hopefully will appeal to everyone.


I met Suzi, one of the owners of Belladonna Digital Imaging at a luncheon last year and she bought along a few of her cushions to drool over whist feeding our tummy's. They are heavenly and so lovely to touch :)

Their latest 'Bespoke Living' collection below has a variety of geometric patterns and sophisticated styles in colours to suit all tastes and match any decor.

These designs have can be printed on either Belgian Linen or Upholstery Vinyl and are plumped up to the max so these cushions do support your back. Tell me, how many times do you buy a cushion and it ends up being just for show as when you rest up against it the insert is flat?

You can find out more information on Belladonna Digital Imaging's services on their website or click here.


This beautiful cushion collection below is designed and created by Tamara from Funky Wombat Textiles, their name gets me every time, I love it!

Tamara is based in Melbourne and a designer at heart, drawing her inspirations from everyday life and nature.

I have a soft spot for the Geometric Triangle and King Parrot Cushions below and these are also printed on natural Belgian Linen.

For more information Funky Wombat Textile check out their website or click here


When I began searching for a cushion collection to sell on our website I wanted to sell and showcase cushions that were unique and not like 'every other cushion' out there. That is why labels such as Belladonna Digital Imaging and Funky Wombat Textiles appealed to me as I would be supporting local Aussie's just trying to do something different and make it for themselves.

Another label that I am smitten with is Aqua Door Designs as their cushion range is all hand made in Queensland. (Including hand drawn, hand screen printed and hand sewn)

Below are a range of Aqua Door Designs cushions that we now stock at Super King Australia. As they're all handmade, if you would like pom poms or piping along the edge or prefer a different fabric these can be custom made to your requirements. So matching them to your decor is made simple.

To have a sneak peak at our cushions as they are drool worthy, click here.

I would love to hear what colour and style cushions appeal to you?

antoinette xo

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mood Lighting made easy with these babies!

This weekend I was squealing with excitement when our new Tealight Candles were featured on one of my favourite blogs The Life Creative

I first came across Chris and his blog on twitter and we 'tweeted' to each other a few times before I read my first post and I was hooked so it's such a compliment that he chose to feature our tealight candles as one of his 'Top seven creative finds' for the week. 

Our tealight candles come in a variety of colours and patterns so matching them to your decor is made simple. They can also be bought singularly or in a pack of 6 here

Would love to hear which colour/pattern is your favourite. 
First image courtesy of The Life Creative blog.

antoinette xo

Friday, 7 June 2013

What is a Coshee?

"Coshee" is short for "cover sheet" and is a product designed and manufactured by EcoSleep Australia which is an Australian owned and operated company. 

What originally drew me to this product was the design as it appeals to the eye and is very practical. A top sheet, which has been designed to have the appearance of a flat sheet, snap locks onto the quilt cover so no more wrestling with flat sheets at night.

I love the feel of a fitted and flat sheet under my quilt cover as I get cold during the night and being tucked in gives me security (I sound like a little kid he he but its true!) However on the other hand my husband wrestles with the sheets all night and it ends up not tucked in but all pulled out. So at the moment we just sleep with just a fitted sheet and quilt cover and I must admit the night's are getting mighty cold.

Below is a picture of the Classic Grey Coshee quilt cover from the Coshee Adults range, which is made from luxurious cotton sateen and the white top sheet is made from a mixture of bamboo/cotton.

Bamboo is an amazing product and is very eco-friendly. Its benefits include:
  • It absorbs moisture and wicks perspiration away from the skin
  • It has fantastic thermal properties so you are warm in winter and cool in summer
  • It is non allergic, doesn't shrink, has anti bacterial properties and minimises body odours.

For those of you that have children and are constantly washing their sheets, the Coshee range makes this job quick and easy as you are only washing the top sheet (not the entire quilt cover) and a fresh top sheet is easily snapped on for a good nights sleep.

Below are 2 more designs from the Coshee Teens range, the Nathan and the Cait. These have just been added to our range of Coshee Quilt Covers here at Super King Australia.

The "how to" instruction sheet below is an easy to read diagram of how to attach a Coshee Quilt Cover to the Top Sheet. It's so much easier than putting on a flat sheet and having to tuck it in sides knowing it won't stay like that for long!

The top sheets also come in a variety of colours and designs. See below for some examples of the additional top sheets that can be mixed and matched with your Coshee quilt covers.

Each Coshee Adult quilt cover comes with 4 pillow cases, 2 to match the quilt cover and another 2 to match the white top sheet. The Coshee Teens quilt covers come with 2 pillow cases to match the quilt cover. 

When you purchase an additional top sheet these also come with 2 pillow cases in the same design to co-ordinate perfectly with your top sheet.

For more information on EcoSleep Australia click here or visit their website

If you have a Coshee quilt cover and/or top sheet I would love to hear your comments about them or if you have any questions please ask :)

antoinette xx