Sunday, 30 June 2013

How to inject colour using 'Rugs'

Rugs can be many things, a grand feature in a room, they can compliment other pieces of furniture or even section off a space.

The below rug is of neutral tones and geometric shapes providing a focal point to this bedroom whilst also complimenting the stool and headboard. This room oozes sophistication and calmness, essential for any bedroom.

This rug has been placed strategically between the charcoal couch and the mustard colour arm chair to provide a sense of purpose and a marriage between the two chairs. I think a white back drop is needed with these 2 strong colours.  

Layering of rugs is a big trend at the moment, go on I dare you to try it out :)

These next rugs are not intended to bring any colour into the room unlike the 2 above, however they do bring in an element of texture by layering the cow hide on top of the rectangular rug. They also balance the colours in the room. It's such a pretty space, that I would happily live in.  

This last picture demonstrates that rugs don't always have to be located on the floor. This rug has been hung on a wall to differentiate the soft tones and bring the whole room together. Do you notice the rug to the right and the frilly wool cushion?

All pictures are from my Pinterest boards. 

I would love to hear would to hear your comments and see pictures of rugs you have at your place!

antoinette xo

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