Friday, 7 June 2013

What is a Coshee?

"Coshee" is short for "cover sheet" and is a product designed and manufactured by EcoSleep Australia which is an Australian owned and operated company. 

What originally drew me to this product was the design as it appeals to the eye and is very practical. A top sheet, which has been designed to have the appearance of a flat sheet, snap locks onto the quilt cover so no more wrestling with flat sheets at night.

I love the feel of a fitted and flat sheet under my quilt cover as I get cold during the night and being tucked in gives me security (I sound like a little kid he he but its true!) However on the other hand my husband wrestles with the sheets all night and it ends up not tucked in but all pulled out. So at the moment we just sleep with just a fitted sheet and quilt cover and I must admit the night's are getting mighty cold.

Below is a picture of the Classic Grey Coshee quilt cover from the Coshee Adults range, which is made from luxurious cotton sateen and the white top sheet is made from a mixture of bamboo/cotton.

Bamboo is an amazing product and is very eco-friendly. Its benefits include:
  • It absorbs moisture and wicks perspiration away from the skin
  • It has fantastic thermal properties so you are warm in winter and cool in summer
  • It is non allergic, doesn't shrink, has anti bacterial properties and minimises body odours.

For those of you that have children and are constantly washing their sheets, the Coshee range makes this job quick and easy as you are only washing the top sheet (not the entire quilt cover) and a fresh top sheet is easily snapped on for a good nights sleep.

Below are 2 more designs from the Coshee Teens range, the Nathan and the Cait. These have just been added to our range of Coshee Quilt Covers here at Super King Australia.

The "how to" instruction sheet below is an easy to read diagram of how to attach a Coshee Quilt Cover to the Top Sheet. It's so much easier than putting on a flat sheet and having to tuck it in sides knowing it won't stay like that for long!

The top sheets also come in a variety of colours and designs. See below for some examples of the additional top sheets that can be mixed and matched with your Coshee quilt covers.

Each Coshee Adult quilt cover comes with 4 pillow cases, 2 to match the quilt cover and another 2 to match the white top sheet. The Coshee Teens quilt covers come with 2 pillow cases to match the quilt cover. 

When you purchase an additional top sheet these also come with 2 pillow cases in the same design to co-ordinate perfectly with your top sheet.

For more information on EcoSleep Australia click here or visit their website

If you have a Coshee quilt cover and/or top sheet I would love to hear your comments about them or if you have any questions please ask :)

antoinette xx

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