Sunday, 28 July 2013

Cotton | Polyester | Bamboo.....What's the difference?

Cotton, Polyester, Bamboo what are they and what's the difference I hear you say? Well, until I started in this industry I didn't have a clue either! Today I will explain to you the difference and their pros and cons. 


Cotton is made from the cotton plant 'gossypium' and grows around the seed pod of the plant. Once the plant has been harvested it is then spun into thread or yarn. 

pros v cons

It is a natural light fabric 

Is a very breathable, lightweight fabric and a good choice during hot weather
It absorbs body moisture allowing the body to cool
It is hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin, babies and children
Can be laundered in high temperatures killing bugs and germs
Cotton is soft on the skin however can fade if not looked after properly


Polyester fibres are formed from a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol and are more susceptible to heat and flames. 

pros v cons 

It has a silky texture and is soft on the skin 
It washes well and resistance to shrinkage
It is not a very breathable fabric and tends to stick to the skin once perspiration begins
It is usually made for clothing
A cheaper option when compared to cotton and bamboo
It retains heat in cold weather which can make it harbour germs, bacteria and odours


Bamboo is a natural fibre and is grown typically in the forests of China. When harvested it is crushed and submerged into a solution of sodium hydroxide which dissolves the bamboo cellulose, cleaning the bamboo fibres. It is then spun into thread or yarn.

pros v cons

Is a resilient and durable fibre which is fully sustainable making it environmentally friendly
It absorbs moisture and wicks perspiration away from the skin
It has wonderful thermal properties so its warm in Winter and cool in Summer
It is non allergic and has great anti bacterial properties for minimising body odours
It doesn't shrink however; has a longer drying time 

When sourcing and selecting our products to sell to our customers, quality and purpose remain high on our list of criteria to meet. Quality in terms of fabric and thread count and purpose being a great night's sleep (as that's what we're all about). 

Cotton and bamboo are fantastic fabrics for bedding as they absorb moisture and are both non allergic making them safe for the whole family therefore we select these fabrics for all of our and quilt covers.  

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I would love to hear what bedding fabrics you use and your opinion of them. 

antoinette xo

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