Sunday, 21 July 2013

Decorating with Neon's

Neon's are still ever present even though we are in Winter, here in Australia.

When decorating with neon's you do not need to paint a whole wall or a door (although some people might), you can just add tiny pieces or tinges of the colour which will help transform your room.

Here are some examples of subtle changes to the exterior of the house. By painting the front door, this draws all your attention to this item leaving you wondering what is inside :)

Subtle changes also transcend to the interior of the house. Take this chandelier for example the rest of the room is white leaving the chandelier the hero o the room. And being such a dramatic piece you would not want to add any further colour as the room would look too 'busy'. 

Rugs are also an easy way to spruce up a room as they can be moved around the house depending on what look you are wanting to achieve. 

This picture below is from one of the issue's of Inside Out magazine and the rug is from Fenton & Fenton. Fenton & Fenton make some pretty funky rug designs and note that neon is not present everywhere just throughout the rug and a few splashes on the painting and accessories. 

For some more subtle changes, paint an architrave, add some neon cushions or a stool. The list is endless when it comes to neon accessories at the moment. Have courage and be creative! 

If you are really adventurous how about transforming a whole wall in the house with a 'pop' of neon. In a girl's bedroom this looks marvellous and it is easy to tie it in with accessories in similar shades of pink. You can see that they have not painted the whole room in this colour just a wall as a feature. You want to leave some white and neutral tones in the room to help blend and balance the colours. 

I'm in love this neon orange wall and whilst I understand that it would not work in everyones house it's a winner in this bathroom. The basin is futuristic like adding to the theme. 

Last but not least is this exterior and doesn't it make a statement! The panels have an ombre affect and with the touch of black it just separates the colours making it 'not too much'.  

{Images via Inside Out and Houzz, to read the full article in Houzz click here }

I would love to hear how you have added pops of neon to your home. 

antoinette xo

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