Sunday, 25 August 2013

Photo Frame Grid Wall

You may remember my post last week Fabulous and Easy DIY Ideas well following on from this post I came across this DIY Photo Frame Grid Wall.

I'm not too sure that there is anyone else out there that has a bigger obsession with photo frames than I do and when I saw this fantastic wall I said to myself "I've got to have it"!!

This DIY wall would be easy to replicate as you will notice that all the frames are exactly the same shape and size (they were all bought at Ikea). They need to be hung flush next to each other which would take a bit of measuring and of course patience.  

You might also notice that not all the frames have photos in them. Put a white blank card into some of the frames to purposely create an almost invisible illusion that there are no frames.  

This picture is via  If you are interested in interiors and haven't heard of Houzz jump on over to their website to find thousands of interior design ideas.

Do you also have a love of photos and frames? I would love to see your home entries, email them to and I will share them in an upcoming post.

antoinette xo

Friday, 16 August 2013

Fabulous and Easy DIY Ideas

I'm always on the lookout for fabulous and easy DIY projects, as let's face it if they're not easy 9 times out of 10 we won't try them!

The below pic comes from a fantastic website called Apartment Therapy. Apartment Therapy showcase a lot of home interiors, decorating ideas and also DIY projects that their readers send in.

I love these DIY stairs, as the owner has re-used the top of the stairs (that you walk on) and given them a light sand and varnish and then painted the face of each stair in this amazing Teal blue. So now when you view the staircase as a whole, you will walk into an 'ocean' inspired work of art!

Another one of my ALLTIME favourite DIYers is Sarah Dorsey from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs. Sarah is an interior designer, a graphic designer and a budding DIYer all in one! She has sooo many tutorials on her blog that all transform a drab piece of furniture into one that's rad!

The below DIY is simple and easy and peps up a plain white Ikea rug into an indigo blue Moroccan haven. Check out the full post here.


My last DIY is from a blog called Oh Happy Day now doesn't the name just make you smile!! I found this picture on Pinterest and traced it back to this blog and it's a must read as it's SO easy peasy.
Again, a beige Target table cloth can be made over into one of pink delight! It also opens your mind up to many other different colourways and patterns that can be painted on a simple table cloth. Go on check them out!! 

So, if you're an avid DIYer I would love to see what you have created yourself. Email your pics to and I will share these in an upcoming post.

Happy DIYing for the weekend!

antoinette xo

Monday, 5 August 2013

10 Tips for a Great Nights Sleep

You might remember my recent post Whats your wake up Call where i listed 9 tips to help you wake up in the morning. Well, since this post I have had a few readers ask me for tips to aid in a great nights sleep. 

Here are 10 tips to get you going:


Playing games or browsing through your emails before bed is a big no for me as it over stimulates your brain and falling asleep will be that much harder. Implement a cut off time of 7pm to switch the computer or the ipad off and this will encourage you to relax and fall asleep much quicker. Another good idea is not to bring your mobile into the bedroom at all. I used to use my mobile as an alarm but have since brought a good old fashioned alarm clock, there are some funky cool alarm clocks out there.


Try not to eat any food right before your bed time as the food will sit in your stomach and struggle to  digest properly. This can make your sleep very restless and uncomfortable.


Mattresses only have a life span of 7-10 years so, if your mattress is older than this it may be time to invest in a new mattress. If your unsure how long you have had your mattress the signs to look out for are: You or your partner have started to get back pain, the mattress is piling or wearing out, you roll in towards your partner or you can feel the springs through the mattress.


Sticking to a regular bed time will keep your body clock in check and this will make falling asleep much easier as you will be tired once this time approaches.


Exercising in the afternoon or after work gets those endorphins going but will also make you tired towards the end of the night. Try to avoid exercise at least 2 hours before you go to bed as this may keep you awake. 

This one might seem straight forward but its really important to get your sheets right as during Winter we are obviously colder and in Summer vice versa. If you are a cold person flannel sheets will keep you warm at night and if you are a hot person cotton sheets might be the better option for you as they are more breathable. If you are like me and are a cold person but your husband is always hot, bamboo sheets should be just right as they are a combination of the both. 


The quilt you use is also important as quilts all have different fillings and are of different lofts. Quilt fillings vary from wool to duck down to cotton so depending on whether you like a flat quilt as opposed to fluffy or whether you're a hot person as opposed to a cold one these factors all come into play when choosing a quilt. At the end of the day it's important to be comfortable in bed to minimise the tossing and turning we go through if we are too hot or too cold. 


Drinking water is fabulous for you as it is hydrating not to mention it flushes out unwanted toxins from the body. Therefore it's important to drink lots of water during the day. You should try to minimise the water intake towards the end of the night so that you don't have a broken nights sleep due to having to get up to go to the toilet.


They might feel great at the time and give you more energy for a few hours but a nap during the day does make going to sleep at night just that little bit harder as your body thinks you have slept already. 


Herbal teas, such as chamomile are fantastic to drink after a meal as they do not contain caffeine (so they won't keep you awake at night), they aid in digestion and they are a relaxant so will help you sleep at night. 

So that's my list, I would love to here your tips for a great nights sleep and might even add them to my list!

antoinette xo